Are you our next agent?

Are you curious and passionate about new technology, exponential technology growth and startups?

Your task as an agent

As agent you finest job is to discover new startups, and tell them about the new matchmaking platform. After the discovery of the new startup, our technology will make a due diligence and find out if the startup is invited on to Valuer. If your submitted startup is accepted, we will invite you to be agent on Valuer and in return you will be promoted further in the Nordic startup ecosystem.

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What’s in it for you

As you proceed as agent you collect Valuer experience and the more experience the bigger reward. You get to meet tons of startups and grow your own network intensively and help the startups grow their business into a success.

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For a start, we bought three of these cool robots and the best agents have the chance for winning them. As an agent you can win great prizes with the newest technology, tickets for events and visits to tech hubs around the world. And last but not least, you can participate in our yearly (soon to be famous) agent VIP party.

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