We add value to your startup

Our mission is to add value to your startup. Our technology is built to make the right match between your startup and the right corporate. Through our unique tracking and analytics method, we will find out when there is a perfect match and the possibility for a win-win partnership.

New business analytics

We have built our technology based on over 5,000 articles the last seven years, intense research with 100 founders / startups from the nordics that have had success. These articles and research have made the foundation to identify startups that have the right structure and traction to fit the requirements of a corporate.

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Seven years of extensive research

Our method, to get a deep understanding of your startup, is quite unique and at the same time quite simple, and the end product for your startup is, if we should say it ourselves, brilliant. The usage of time is minimum compared to the time you invest in talking to journalists from tech medias.

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The live deck

The end product is content to help grow your business into a success. Through our quarterly talk with you, we are generating articles that translate your startup into understandable content and data. We will establish the right insight so the corporate can understand your business and we can identify if there is a match. We call this a content deck

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