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Matches Made

We took the best from accelerators, startup competitions and pitch events and turned it into a digital platform where corporations can track startups.

7 Years of Extensive Research

Our 2,500 agents are dispersed around the world and at your disposal to find the startups that best fit your needs.

The Live Deck

All data we collect is visualized in a beautiful dashboard we call "The Content Deck". Its purpose is to help you thoroughly understand a startup and the key metrics behind it.

New Business Analytics

We use our 7+ years of experience, over 5,000 articles, and a unique method to understand and translate a startup’s technology.

The Valuer Solution

Valuer is an intelligent platform for corporations to discover, analyze and track the startup that will boost their innovation.

Eyes on the Ground, All Around the World

We use unique ways to identify the startups with the newest innovation and technology. Our 2,500 agents dispersed globally, at over hundred tech-hubs, are at your disposal.

Qualitative Approach, No More Lists

We carefully interview each startup in order to extract the most relevant and meaningful insights on their technology, team structure, value proposition, market, and performance.

Track, assess, analyze and benchmark

All data that Valuer collects through qualitative research, such as article analysis and human capital analysis with BP10, is being visualized on our website and brought together...

AI Matchmaking Algorithm

Based on the attributes requested by a corporation, the platform utilizes the entire repository of information and AI techniques to simulate the typical process of screening a startup.

Press coverage

Our products, our culture, our employees and our reports have been noted in the following publications and blogs.

  • Arctic Startup
  • The Nordic
  • Vv Ytechsavvy
  • IT Watch
  • Computer Weekly
  • Berlingske Business

We find the most promising startups in different sectors

We are currently focused, but not limited, to these areas:





The Valuer Dashboard

The dashboard is where you will find the startups we have discovered and are tracking for you.

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The Valuer Data

We collect empirical data on startups and present it in a meaningful format. In order to compose a more vivid picture of a company, we construct our analysis using both qualitative (human in-depth interviews) and quantitative data.

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